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It’s been a hot summer so far in terms of the weather and for us at Nice Guy Tours. In our latest newsletter, we’ll share some of the new people we’ve met this past month, some spots we frequent, and more! Thank you again all for your support. We hope to see you on one of our tours soon!

Read on, and be sure to walk, talk, and eat with us soon!

A Bit About Population … 

Abby Road? 

Not remotely close to Abbey Road but kind of looks like it no? But, we’re missing our fourth member! Anyway, we’re back at it on this sweltering hot day. Nothing can stop us from having fun and eating our way through NYC!


Maria At Katz’s 

Here I am with Jake Dell, owner of Katz’s Deli, and my friend Maria. Maria lives in Florida and was raised in Pennsylvania. She previously came on our tours with her nieces and nephews. This week, She brought her brother John and his wife Gail – they live in Lexington, Kentucky. As a small business owner, love all my customers – but there is a special place in my heart for people who come back. I like to think they had a great time and want to share that with others. This was Maria’s fourth tour.


Photos Of Selfies

New friends taking a selfie in the greatest city in the world.


Nice Scenery: Vanessa’s

Making the magic happen at Vanessa’s Dumpling House!


Nice Gal Of The Month: Erin of Monroe, LA!

This is Erin. My FAVORITE kind of tour taker! She asked lots of questions and added to the discussion. When I don’t know the answer I #Google it and get to learn something new, too. She’s a “flight nurse” – handling transporting of patients to trauma centers via helicopter. She’s from Many, LA and currently lives in Monroe, LA. After visiting some of the restaurants of the Lower East Side (that have been there over 100 years and are still family owned) she lit up and said, “this is what I love about America – all these people came and put in hard work and now years later their family is reaping the benefits. EVERYONE needs to learn about this”. Well, Erin – send all your friends! 🙂


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