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  • vegetarian friendly

Astoria Walking Food Tour

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Person All Ages

Explore historic architecture & diverse culinary spots

Just a short subway ride from Manhattan, Astoria is a vibrant and unique neighborhood in Queens. It’s a cool and appealing spot, celebrated for its cultural diversity and its rich array of delicious, eclectic food options from authentic Greek cuisine to Middle Eastern fare. It’s a melting pot of cultures, and that’s not a cooking metaphor. We walk through Little Greece or “Greektown,” where the food, people, churches and entire vibe make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Greece — not Queens. Within steps, we make our way to “Little Egypt” where we walk by various Middle Eastern businesses and sample cuisine from the region. Residents from various South and Central American countries are also represented in Astoria, and our food palate takes full advantage.

Yes, Astoria stands out as a gem in Peter Parker’s hometown, offering a rich cultural experience, a friendly community, historic architecture, numerous green spaces, and a diverse culinary landscape that makes it a must-visit destination.

Stops Included

(Subject to change)

Say cheese! We visit this Brazilian cafe, which is 100 percent gluten-free, for Pão de Queijo AKA traditional cheese bread, which blends three cheeses: mozzarella, swiss and parmesan. So delicate yet crunchy… you’re thanking us already and you haven’t gone on the tour yet.

Mediterranean Foods
You’ll step into Greece almost literally by going into this Greek market for a sample of olives and feta cheeses. Opa!

The Corner Spot
There are so many things to choose from their menu (their coffee is among the best in all of NYC), but for us, their Spinach Pie is one of the best food items in all of New York City. This delicious, savory Greek pie with phyllo dough is spectacular.

Arayes is a grilled pita filled with ground meat, onions, spices and herbs yet to just put it that way doesn’t make it sound as breathtaking as it is. Arguably the scene stealer of this tour, this Middle Eastern dish is already part of your “five-star” review for this tour. You just don’t know it yet.

Al-Sham Sweets and Pastries
Having a food experience you’ve never had before is rare. That’s where Al-Sham’s Knafeh comes in. Chances are having this traditional Arabic dessert, a spun pastry soaked in syrup and cheese, comes in. You’ve had nothing like this. Part dessert, part pizza — all everything.

Tipsy Scoop
Spiked ice scream FTW? You know it. We end our tour with an All American classic with a twist. Get a shot of boozy ice cream with a side of, what else, baklava. Non-Alcoholic flavors available.