Nice Guy's "Famous Chicarron!"

Jorge and his wife were visiting from Puerto Rico. Their daughters live in Connecticut and DC so the whole family was on the tour recently. At one point, Jorge and I were walking ahead of the group and he said to me "make sure you get my telephone number from my daughter so when you your wife come to Puerto Rico I make you my famous chicarron". What a nice guy!

Call it a Comeback


So last year this young lady Kyla and her mom Heidi took my tour to celebrate her 13th birthday. They came back to celebrate her 14th birthday. I was so happy to see them and show them around. When I saw Kyla was wearing the T Shirt I gave her last year it touched my heart. So nice to see you guys again. Hope to see you soon

Write? Talk. Eat. Repeat.

Hi I'm Dante Mercadante. I'm Founder and Chief Eating Officer (CEO) of Nice Guy Tours. You remember that old commercial with Robert De Niro when he said "this is my city?" I'm borrowing from that. This is my New York City - a collection of stories,  photos, and everything in-between that I experience on my tours on the city streets. Enjoy the show!