December 2017 Newsletter: Nice Gal of the Month


Here's another new feature. Our customers make us who we are, and Sophia Protopapas is one of our most loyal. She's been on all three of our tours, and her smile is city-blocks wide.

Sophia was born and raised in Queens. She’s lived in Greece for three years.  The executive legal secretary has actually been on nine tours!  She has brought friends from Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Ecuador. She’s brought her mentee, nice, sister-in-law, and her sister-in-law’s sister who was visiting from Portugal! She even through a Bachelorette Party with Nice Guy Tours!

The favorite thing she’s eaten on the tour is the Artichoke Pizza, and admits “I have been there many, many, many times after my first time because of the tour.”  Her favorite tidbit learned on one of our tours is the “Kat’s That’s All” story.  “I always remind you to tell that story,” she often tells me.

What she finds most surprising about going on a Nice Guy Tour is how she never gets tired even after almost three hours of walking. She’s also surprised to meet locals as well as out-of-towners on the tour.  “Food is a universal language,” she says.

Sophia’s favorite thing about NYC is the “cultural diversity we see in different pockets of neighborhoods throughout the whole city.”  Lastly, who’s the nicest person she knows and why? “Well, I can't narrow it down to just one but the one that comes to mind is my niece, Isabelle Sophia,” she tells us. “She has a heart of gold and wants to help those less fortunate than her. She proudly serves on the Safety Squad at her school, ensuring youngsters get to their classes safely. I heart her.”

 Isabelle with Dante

Isabelle with Dante