December 2017 Newsletter "NYCE" Tip


Every month I will share a tip about navigating NYC with you guys.  Whether you’re a local or an out-of-towner I’m hoping you can use this info.  

You’ve probably heard about NYC hot dogs and always wanted to try one.  Most of the vendors you see sell the same product.  Some might buy cheaper hot dogs but in my experience many of them use Sabrett's brand all-beef hot dogs, which are my favorite.  

OK, so here is the tip...Whether you plan on buying a hot dog or not DO NOT just ask for a hot dog.  I repeat!  Do not just ask for a hot dog.

What question you should ask first?  You’ll have to find out in the January newsletter.  Stay tuned as I will have a man-on-the street video expose of the hot dog truck and cart industry that you will not want to miss!