Dear Dante: People Watching in NYC


As a New York City tour guide, people often ask me what my favorite thing to do is besides eat.  It's a loaded question really, because there is so much I love about the Big Apple, but it's a no-brainer really. People watching is my favorite. To be a bit more specific, a highlight - long before I even started Nice Guy Tours - has been to sit in Washington Square Park (preferably on a spring, not-too-hot day) and drink coffee as people pass by.  I think it captures the spirit of the city.  In those moments, we are all equal there. 

People always say it's good to drown out the outside noise (and most times that's accurate), but in this case I can't. I love watching people racing to work, walking and laughing amongst friends, walking their dogs, and everything in-between. In many ways, this setting is a visual soundtrack to my New York City.