My Valentine to You - Yes, You!


If you’re reading this, I love you.  Now as a human being we are supposed to love all humans and I try to do that but I fail often whether it's at the grocery store, in get the picture.  But YOU I really do love.  

If you’re reading this I am where I am because of you.  I started doing food tours almost seven years ago and it was like when the Wizard of Oz switched from black and white to color.  I really liked this job right from the beginning.  About five years ago, I started to get the idea to start my own food tour business.  After prodding from my wife, my father-in-law and my friend Jon Chattman, I decided to take the leap.  

OK, I started a food tour business.  I know how to give a food tour.  I know some cool facts, and I know some great food stops.  I’m good at giving tours but how do I get people to come on the Tours? Well.  At first, they didn’t.  A few people here and there but not enough to really have a sustainable business.  Then something happened.  I started to get more and more five-star reviews on TripAdvisor and people were finding me there.  If you’ve been on my tour and wrote me a five-star review on TripAdvisor, I love you.  You are the reason my business is successful.  

If you’ve been on my tour and you put a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - I love you. I am where I am today because of you.  Thank you.  If you took my tour and then told someone about it, I love you. You’ve helped my family to stay fed, warm and clothed.  It sounds cheesy but it’s real. These are the facts, folks.  I am where I am today because of you.  I got a message today asking about a tour.  The lady is visiting from the UK and said, “I was at my doctors office last week and she told me I had to take your tour."  I love that doctor.  Again, I also love you all who are reading this.  

This is my Valentine to you all - thank you for sharing my posts and clicking the "like" button. You are helping a hard-working man care for his family by doing something he loves and therefore you are also making the world a better place.  I love you.  I’ll see you on a tour soon - keep in mind:  one out of every one doctors recommends me!