Five Questions with Molly' Cupcakes' Brennan Gallagher


We're here today with Brennan Gallagher at Molly's Cupcakes. He's a Pats fan, but we won't hold that against him. Here's our five questions segment!

What is Molly's Number 1 best seller?
The #1 best seller is our cake batter cupcake. It's a vanilla funfetti cake topped with blue butter cream and multi-color sprinkles filled with raw liquid cake batter.

My mouth's watering right now! OK, and what's your favorite?
That's a tough one. I love the banana cupcake with either no frosting or the butter cream because it's light not too sweet and really brings out the flavor of the cupcake. But, I'm also a super traditional guy so love vanilla cake with chocolate  frosting. I like the "build your own"  because there's not filling on the inside, it's your traditional cake. It's not as heavy - really delicious. And our vanilla tastes like vanilla. It's not yellow cake. It's vanilla cake, which not every place does.

They all sound delicious. When people visit New York City, what is the one thing they should do off the beaten path?
very much recommend taking the A train or the 1 train all the way up to Upper Manhattan and checking out the Cloisters. It's not going to feel like New York City. It's kind of like this old castle feel and it's an art museum so they have a bunch of old relics from years and years past. It's almost like finding the countryside of New York. Other than that, there's Roosevelt Island which is right in-between Manhattan and Queens. FDR park is beautiful, overlooks river, and has a light house. But, the best thing about New York is you can walk down any random street and find something.

What do you think the biggest misconception people have about New York City?
New Yorkers are rude and that's something that I thought for years and years before I go here. It's not true. New Yorkers are very happy to help until they're not - like if they have somewhere to go. [Laughs]  If you're coming to visit, don't ask the person flying down the street trying to get somewhere. People ask me all time "where's this" and "where's that," and I'm like "Sure, I'll help."

Lastly, who's the nicest person you know and don't say me!
That's hard. I'd have to say me - no. I would say my friend AJ, who is from California and lives here. He's just the purest, nicest guy I know. He'd give you the shirt off his back. It's a beautiful thing. There's something about New York. People are direct with people. There's a genuine honesty. We're all from different places, but people can come and just be in New York, and pay tribute to what the area is all about. Now my second favorite, of course, is Dante.