Nice Guy Tourist: Milk Bar Bakery


I had heard about Milk Bar because it's all over (Toronto, D.C., Vegas, and some other spots in NYC) but none within steps of the tours I give.  I had wanted to go there for many reasons but notably because of one of their signature desserts. I'll get to that in a minute, but first let me paint a picture you may share with me.

Growing up, the best part of my breakfast was the very bottom of my cereal bowl. As my cornflakes or any cereal really was coming to the end, I knew the best was yet to come:  sugary, milky goodness at the very bottom.  Now let's get back to the Milk Bar, it doesn't take a genius to know why I have wanted to visit it on Christopher Street for quite some time.  Their signature is the cereal milk soft serve ice cream.  Sure, they've got cookies, cakes, and ridiculously delicious delicacies, but this ice cream? Well, there's a reason I'm writing this post.  It took me back to being a kid (and adult) who takes his cereal down to the last spoon slurp.  The ice cream is made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and has a pinch of salt thrown in for good measure. In a word, it lived up to the hype

Visiting this bakery/ice cream parlor is a must. There's a reason owner/chef Christina Tosi and her place have been written about all over the place (she's written two cookbooks, too - perhaps you've hear of "momofuku?"), and have been namedropped on The Tonight Show and placed on covers of Ad Week and other notable places.  Her story and place is as sweet as the goodies inside each establishment.  I can't wait to go back.