Nice, um, Wombat of the Month?

Our Aussie friend Craig and his family visited recently, and brought along their extended family member Gary. I have to be honest Gary may be one of my favorites to ever go on the tour. Look below and you'll see why. Oh, and also, see the "real" Gary below as well!

Here's what Craig had to say of the tour by the way:

"We live on a 100 acres of Australian bush, around two hours drive south-west of Sydney.  When coming to New York, we wanted an experience that would give us a feel of the city from ground level, and to enjoy some of the special foods New York has to offer.

We really enjoyed the tour. Visiting so many places that have been feeding New Yorkers for decades ( in some cases over a century ) was a real treat, especially in buildings that were the original premises.  Dante is an excellent host, and what’s more, you can tell that he not only enjoys his job, he loves his city and the people in it. A great tour, we would happily do it again next time we are in New York!"

Thanks Craig and company...and I miss you Gary!