Nice Gal of the Month: Marcia!


Don’t mind my hair it was raining all day!

This is my new friend Marcia. We took turns carrying her purse for her. She came on the tour recently with Harvey, her husband of 58 years. She also had some other family tagging along. Her son-in-law Jeff was one of them and she told me, “we call him our son though. He’s not really our son-in-law, he’s our son.” When she spoke about her children and grandchildren she said glowing and wonderful things about them. She told me, “the food was great but it’s not what makes the tour. You make the tour what it is with your personality.”

As she walked away I told her, “I think I love you” and she responded “I know I love you”.

I love you too Marcia. I love you, too.