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I’m not going to lie – August was hot. It was so hot I dunk my head in the fountain at Washington Square Park more than once. But, like all months in New York City, it was such a blast. For Nice Guy Tours, it meant meeting more friends from all over the world from Australia to Canada, and tasting the very best the city has to offer. Take a look at our latest newsletter below, and take a look at some of the highlights.  Thank you all for making this the best job I’ve ever had. Mangia!

Read on, and be sure to walk, talk, and eat with us soon!

Food Tour And Chill … 

The work week can be tough. That’s why I like to sometimes take a minute and sit down with a couple of friends and chillax as the kids say. It’s a good way of recharging your batteries.


King Of The Castle … 

Sometimes I really do feel like that! I love my job!


Here, Have A Pie!

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!” A little Dean Martin for ya! Love this guy’s shirt, too.


Bagel Chic At Kossar’s …

Looking good. Tastes so good. Love this place. You’ve got to try the cream cheese!


In Awe Of The Slice …

Sometimes all you can do is stand there and admire Artichoke Pizza!


Pickled Jokes …  

An added bonus to getting the best pickles in New York City at Pickle Guys – jokes from the owner, Alan Kaufman!


Stay Classy …  

Class is in session at Molly’s Cupcake



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