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The Nice Guy Story

"I make three guarantees: You will leave full, learn something, and have fun." - Dante Mercadante

About Nice Guy Walking Food Tours

Nice Guy Tours launched in the fall of 2014 to debunk the myth that New Yorkers weren’t, well, nice. Dante Mercadante, a native New Yorker and self-proclaimed and city-celebrated “Nice Guy,” founded the company to celebrate the city, its people, its culture and its food.  With that being said, the tours fittingly focus on exploring the culinary delights of various neighborhoods, such as the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, and other iconic areas of the city. Participants get to sample food from a variety of local nosh spots from Food Network celebrated pizza places to award-winning cupcakes while learning about the history and culture of the area.

NGT is highly rated for its engaging and personable approach and friendly and knowledgeable guides.  Join us and see why we’re the top choice for foodies visiting NYC and in NYC. Walk. Talk. Eat. Repeat.

About the Founder

Dante Mercadante became a licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide in 2012. Utilizing his other backgrounds like stand-up comedy and acting alongside this license, Dante found his calling in 2014 with the birth of Nice Guy Tours.

“Prior to having this job, when people would say ‘I really love my job’, I didn’t believe them or think it was possible. Now, I look forward to work every day. I get great joy out of guiding locals and out-of-towners alike through the streets of NYC.”

“I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’ve always loved trying new food. All happy events in my life revolve around food, and now my job is no exception. As your leader and trusted servant, I will always be out there making sure your stomach dances while we walk and talk.”

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