Frequently Asked Questions

Here are many answers to questions you might have, but if you have more, contact us!


  • Chevron down Is the food included in the cost of the ticket?
  • Are you crazy?! Of course it is! But seriously, all your food is included in the cost of your ticket. Feel free to buy extra along the way, although you’ll probably want to save it for later because you’ll be full of what we give you.

  • Chevron down Does the tour leave on time?
  • I know you’re not really asking this, but I just wanted to put it on here. Please be 10-15 minutes early!

  • Chevron down What should I wear?
  • Dress is casual. Wear comfortable shoes; remember it’s a walking tour.

  • Chevron down Do you cancel for weather?
  • The tour will go rain, snow, or shine. If there is really bad weather, the tour may get postponed, but we will try to get in touch with you early enough to change your plans.

  • Chevron down Is a gratuity included?
  • There is no tip included for your guide, but 15-20% is customary. This is, of course, if you have a good time, which we guarantee!

  • Chevron down How much food do I get?
  • More than enough for lunch. You will be full by the end of the tour. Unless you’re that Man Vs Food guy.

  • Chevron down Can I just pay for the tour with cash?
  • Although cash is king, we ask that you buy a ticket via credit card.

  • Chevron down Are children allowed?
  • Yes!

  • Chevron down Alright, buddy, I'm on the fence about taking this tour, but maybe I'll just go back to the hotel and take a nap instead.
  • Naps are awesome! But this tour is better. We started Nice Guy Tours because New Yorkers have a bit of a rude reputation, and we are trying to crush that stereotype one tour at a time. Buy a ticket; you won’t regret it. We make three promises: you’ll have fun, you’ll learn something, and you’ll leave full.

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