I'm practically drooling as I write this just thinking about this tour.  We start out at Yonah Schimmel Knish, and I promise you, you've never tasted anything like this. If you've had a knish before, be prepared for these mouth-watering, soft "dumplings" (you'll learn what I mean on the tour) to ruin you for all other knishes.  You won't find anything better in the city or anywhere - I promise you.  From there, we move to Russ and Daughters for the finest rugelach you've ever tasted. It's so heavenly, you'll want to marry it. OK, maybe not but you'll savor every bite. This is lick-your-fingers good.

Throughout the tour, we make our way through an area that at one time was the most densely populated place on earth and also a hub for shopping.  These days, you can witness an up-and-coming hip neighborhood that's a combination of old and new school - one that's rich in history and stacked with infamously famous eats.  As you walk and, of course, eat (more on the food in a few), you'll learn of the push cart culture of the early 1900s, and we'll discuss the tenement museum. 

And while we learn and talk about all the area has to offer, we'll literally have the best. The term "best" gets tossed around so often, but I mean it. The best knishes and rugelach we've covered. How about the best spot in the city to suit your sweet tooth? You can't beat Economy Candy. Along with the tasty treats, they have old school candy and toys you haven't seen since you were a kid. Bubblegum Cigarettes? Check. Return of the Jedi trading cards? Check. This place is too cool for school.  Doughnut Plant also provides you with something yummy for your tummy. How good are these donuts? So good, I'm bringing back with confidence the saying "yummy for your tummy!"

Moving from sweet to a cut of meat, Kat'z Deli has the best pastrami in the world. Yeah, I said it: the world. You've never tasted pastrami this good. Ever.  Similarly, you'll try some of the tastiest pickles over at the Pickle Guys, the best dumplings I've ever had at Vanessa's and Kossar's Bialys, which I promise you has the richest cream cheese you've ever tasted and the most awesome bagels and bialys.

The tour lasts about three hours with eight stops.  And, by the way, this is a great tour to go on if you're dairy free!  All of our tours are just $59 per person- best eats and the best chats - all at the best price in NYC. (Private tour pricing may be the same! Ask us about this or anything about our tours!)

Yonah Schimmel Knish
Russ and Daughters
Economy Candy
Pickle Guys
Kossar's Bialys
Doughnut Plant
Katz's Deli